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Subject: Evaluation budget as a %% of program expenditure Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 14:04:15 +1000 From: Sonia Whiteley Reply-To: American Evaluation Association Discussion List To: EVALTALK@BAMA.UA.EDU

I realise this is a topic that comes up on almost an annual basis (Sept 2003 at last count) but I was wondering whether there were any new thoughts on the issue.

I'm more interested in large-scale programs - at least $5 million plus Aussie $$s - where evaluation is built into the program from day 1 (ie as the program is being carefully crafted from policy).

What percentage of the program (not the organisational) budget should be allocated to evaluation?

What actually happens in the real world of program evalution budgets?

Does this differ across across departments/areas of responsibility? Or more specifically, are health department budgets, for example, generally larger percentagewise than those from education or the environment?

Any pointers to recent references or case studies would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Sonia Whiteley

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