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Umfangreiche Linksammlung von Marc Jelitto (FernUniversität in Hagen), teils auch zu allgemeinen Fragen der Evaluationsforschung.

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"Reprinted from The Program Evaluation Standards, 2nd Edition (Sage, 1994) with permission from the publisher and The Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, Arlen R. Gullickson, Chair.

'Terms are defined in this glossary as they are used in this volume, in the context of evaluation. In other contexts, a number of the terms may have broader or different definitions.' (p. 203)"

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Von der Homepage:

"Ziel dieser im Rahmen meiner Dissertation durchgeführten Studie ist es, Bedingungen erfolgreicher Evaluationen zu identifizieren, sie auf ihren aktuellen Praxisbezug hin zu untersuchen und in einem Rahmenmodell zu integrieren."

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Umfassende und laufend aktualisierte Sammlung internationaler Webseiten.

"The WWW Virtual Library: Evaluation is an online database of high quality Internet resources related to social policy evaluation (for further information see brief on-line introduction to evaluation). At present, the database points to hundreds of web-sites, and each one has been selected and described. The catalogue is browsable or searchable by subject area."

Created in 1975, the Joint Committee is a coalition of major professional associations concerned with the quality of evaluation. The Joint Committee is housed at The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University.

The Joint Committee has published three sets of standards for evaluations that are now widely recognized. The Personnel Evaluation Standards was published in 1988, The Program Evaluation Standards (2nd edition) was published in 1994 by Sage Publications, and The Student Evaluations Standards was published in 2003.

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Since 1986, the research group holds one meeting every year with evaluation experts from national governments, audit institutions, universities and the private sector. Its present membership covers more than 20 countries across four continents.

INTEVAL members address cutting edge issues in a cross national perspective. Research works proceed by email and through subgroup meetings during the annual gathering. Research results usually take the form of co-edited books, most of them being part of the Comparative Policy Analysis Series (Transaction Publishers).

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The Australasian Evaluation Society is a professional organisation for people involved in evaluation. Evaluation is used in a range of professions. The AES has over 650 members involved in all aspects of evaluation and performance measurement. Members include evaluation practitioners, managers, teachers and students from all levels of government, educational institutions, research agencies, community organisations, businesses and interested individuals. Members meet regularly through Regional Groups in major cities in Australia and New Zealand.




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