Created in 1975, the Joint Committee is a coalition of major professional associations concerned with the quality of evaluation. The Joint Committee is housed at The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University.

The Joint Committee has published three sets of standards for evaluations that are now widely recognized. The Personnel Evaluation Standards was published in 1988, The Program Evaluation Standards (2nd edition) was published in 1994 by Sage Publications, and The Student Evaluations Standards was published in 2003.

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Since 1986, the research group holds one meeting every year with evaluation experts from national governments, audit institutions, universities and the private sector. Its present membership covers more than 20 countries across four continents.

INTEVAL members address cutting edge issues in a cross national perspective. Research works proceed by email and through subgroup meetings during the annual gathering. Research results usually take the form of co-edited books, most of them being part of the Comparative Policy Analysis Series (Transaction Publishers).

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The International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) is a loose coalition of regional and national evaluation organizations from around the world that is dedicated to building leadership and capacity in developing countries, fostering the cross-fertilization of evaluation theory and practice around the world, and assisting the evaluation profession to take a more global approach to contributing to the identification and solution of world problems.

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The primary goal of the European Evaluation Society is to promote theory, practice and utilization of high quality evaluation especially, but not exclusively, within the European countries. This goal is obtained by bringing together academics and practitioners from all over Europe and from any professional sector, thus creating a forum where all participants can benefit from the co-operation and bridge building. The society was founded in the Hague in 1994. The first official board was elected in autumn 1995 and started its work in January 1996.

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